The future of Palestine’s grassroots struggle: Nilin activist Saeed Amireh interviewed - Maureen Clare Murphy  - The Electronic Intifada - Chicago - August 23, 2012

Interview with Saeed Amireh: “The occupation affects our life in so many ways, economically and socially.” -ISM - Ramallah - November 28, 2013


Der Soldat ist doch nur ein Werkzeug in der Hand der israelischen Regierung -  Muhammad Sameer Murtaza - Islamische Zeitung - Berlin, Germany - March 11, 2015



Saeed Amireh: Palestine's peaceful protestor - S. Taalay Ahmed - New religion, February 06, 2013

Is the British government frightened by Palestine’s peaceful campaigners? - Amena Saleem - The Electronic Intifada - December 2, 2012


Non loin de Ramallah, un adepte de Mandela - Agnès Rotivel- Association France Palestine Solidarité - , December 8, 2012


Saeed Amireh – der palästinenischen Mandela ? Besatzung und Widerstand  - Phil Butland- Die Freiheitsliebe - November 11, 2012

Friedlicher Widerstand gegen bewaffnete Besatzung - Website of Christine Buchholz, Member of german Bundestag, November 22, 2012


Muuria vastaan Länsirannalla vuodesta 2003 - Miika Malinen - Kansan Uutiset-  December 1, 2012

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