While most of the press ignores the blatant injustices and crimes that are being committed against us by the Israeli military occupation, by donating, you can help giving voice to the voiceless people. The donations will be used to cover the costs of travelling to places inside the West Bank and around the world. Both aim at exposing the reality of the Israeli occupation through pictures and reports illustrating the daily struggle of Palestinians but also through tours all around the world to educate people and bring an inside perspective of the popular struggle.

Your donation does make a difference!

In 2010, our first fundraising campaign aimed at releasing my father Ibrahim Amireh, as well as the two other leaders of the non-violent “Ni’lin Popular Committee Against The Wall”, Hassan Mousa and Zaydoon Srour.

In 2011, the computer in our Media Center broke down. Thanks to your generous support we bought a new computer in a very little time.

In 2012, your donations helped me going on a speaking tour around Europe to represent our grassroots movement in several international institutions.


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The bank account that has been set up for those who cannot or don not wish to donate via Paypal has been closed. if you prefer to donate via wire transfer to a German bank account, please send an email to: .

I am deeply grateful to all of you, no matter how big or small your contribution is.

Saeed Amireh